Podcast 🎧: Examining benefits of Participatory Budgeting

09.12.2020 | ega

In a democratic society, the quality of the relationship between governments and citizens is a key talking point – and if not, most probably it should. Across the layers of governance, municipalities certainly represent the closest governmental actor to citizens. Such proximity not only works as the testing ground for state-to-people interactions but also as an incubator for innovative ideas directly sourced from the citizenry.

Kristina Reinsalu, Programme Director of e-Democracy at eGA, has been one of the main initiators and facilitators of the Participatory Budgeting in Estonia and in Georgia. In this episode, we explore with her how engaging citizens in decision-making unlocks hidden resources for local administrators and dramatically contributes to community building.

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Kristina Reinsalu in Tartu PB. Photo: Ove Maidla