Podcast 🎧 : Is i-voting here to stay?

20.10.2021 | ega


Estonia conducted i-voting for the 12th time, in the recent local elections on 11 – 17 October 2021. In this episode, we cast light on these election results and explore with Priit Vinkel, the former Head of the Estonian Electoral Office and one of the implementers of the internet voting system in Estonia, what are the lessons learned from i-voting, both for Estonia and as well as for other governments who want to implement i-voting.

We will talk about building trust and voter and politician behaviour during the past 16 years (the first i-voting took place in 2005). Besides the Estonian experience, we cast light on the experiences of other countries, such as the USA, Norway, Switzerland, India, etc.

Priit also explains what are the main barriers that are hampering the use of i-voting, although the need for a safer option (referring to an individual’s health by avoiding physical contact) to vote is getting more and more critical during the pandemic. The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera. Tune in!


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