Podcast 🎧: State’s sovereignty in the digital age

08.09.2021 | Anu Vahtra-Hellat

The globalisation of economies, technologies and communication has challenged country sovereignty relative to actions and protection. In the global scene, we can witness every day how fake news attack democracy, and how hackers do the same to supply chains, electricity networks or hospitals. The problem of one country concerns simultaneously other countries too, as we all are connected to each other.

In today’s podcast, Paul Timmers, a Research Associate of the University of Oxford talks about what are a country’s sovereign assets, that need our attention in the digital age, and how can countries ensure both their protection and national sovereignty. The episode is hosted by Federico Plantera. Tune in!

Read more about the digital sovereignty discussion in the EU in Paul Timmers’ article ‘When Sovereignty Leads and Cyber Law Follows’