Podcast 🎧 : To be an e-citizen or not to be

23.02.2022 | ega


Can a digital society exist sustainably without e-citizens? Who are the e-citizens – the user the e-services or something more? This is a topic we will discuss today with e-democracy expert Kristina Reinsalu.

In this episode, she introduces us to the e-citizen concept and to the digital nudging in society that supports the citizens’ use of digital tools and better engagement in decision-making processes. You can explore examples from Island and Estonia with us.

Moreover, you will get more insights into the digital divide that digitalization can create, and how Estonia has decreased it. And finally, we address the governments and civil society organizations, while asking where to begin to have active e-citizens in a society. The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera.

Tune in!

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