Data and Services

Efficient data management boosts digital services development

One of the main tasks of governments is seamless and efficient public service provision. And ICTs enable just that—the faster delivery of public services that are convenient, transparent, and proactive.

With expertise in transitioning from paper to digital, data management, re-engineering digital services, implementing proactive services, and service management, eGA experts play a crucial role in supporting governments in reshaping their digital public service provision.

By leveraging our resources and experience, governments can overcome challenges, optimize their digital services, and deliver enhanced public services that align with the evolving needs of citizens in the digital age.


Areas of training, consultancy and research
  • Expert guidance on the transformation from paper-based processes to digital solutions, ensuring a smooth transition, eliminating inefficiencies, and enhancing service delivery
  • Efficient data management ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance, enabling governments to make informed decisions and improve service quality through optimized data utilisation
  • Digital services re-engineering to leverage emerging technologies and user-centred design principles, leading to streamlined processes, intuitive user interfaces, personalized experiences, and enhanced overall service efficiency and effectiveness
  • Proactive services implementation by leveraging data analytics and automation, enabling clients to provide proactive, personalised services that result in higher citizen satisfaction and engagement
  • Service management excellence that ensures efficient service delivery, incident management, and continuous improvement, enabling governments to achieve service excellence and consistently meet citizen expectations