Governance and engagement

Digital transformation is a collective process

Digital development starts with high-level leadership, a strong organisational framework, and a vision of where to go. However, for actual transformation to become reality, there needs to be meaningful engagement by stakeholders and people who are skilled and willing to embrace the change that digitalisation brings.

The Governance and Engagement Competence Centre can assist you in:

  • Setting up digital transformation roadmaps and action plans to boost the impact of digital initiatives and help convert high-level goals into measurable actions
  • Implementing transparent, accountable, and participatory governance, using the potential of ICT to unlock better decision-making and to take informed steps toward a digital society
  • Creating capacity-building frameworks and programs to systematically improve the mindset, knowledge, and skills of all those involved in the digital transformation process

With the policy advice, training, and consultancy of eGA experts, governments and civil society organisations can focus on the main opportunity presented by digital solutions — achieving sustainable social and economic impact.