DRIVE: Digital Research and Impact for Vulnerable E-citizens

Georgia | Ukraine
Georgia | Ukraine
09/2021 - 08/2023
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The project “DRIVE: Digital Research and Impact for Vulnerable E-citizens” aims to improve public authorities’ and civil society organisations’ skills to engage vulnerable groups in Ukraine and Georgia for preventing and overcoming the digital divide.

The ultimate vision is the vulnerable citizen groups in Ukraine and Georgia to have an improved quality of life by being digitally engaged in political decision-making and services, and having the necessary conditions, awareness and skills for that.

For that,

  • we conduct ecosystem building research, namely investigating the widening gap in Ukraine and Georgia in terms of digital literacy, access to digital tools, and digital skills among various vulnerable groups,
  • prepare recommendations for action,
  • train civil society organisations and public authorities to work on these recommendations, and
  • turn two of the recommendations into a pilot project to be implemented during the project.

eGA works with two local partners to achieve the maximum impact: the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) in Georgia and 2030: Tech for Public Good in Ukraine.