e-Estonia: e-Governance in Practice (2019)

E-democracy | Governance and Engagement

e-Estonia: e-Governance in Practice (2019) is the third and updated edition of our bestselling book which was first published in 2016.

The book provides an overview of Estonian information society, how it is structured and managed. This guide presents fundamental aspects of Estonian digital society and explains how state-level technologies, legislation, citizen and private sector involvement systems support electronic governance. The publication was composed by the e-Governance Academy Foundation experts in cooperation with other experts and practitioners of cyber security and digital identity.

Compared to the previous edition, the second edition has three more chapters (blockchain, e-Justice, activities on raising digital skills) and updated factual information in all other chapters.

We hope that “e-Governance in Practice” is a helpful material for all government leaders around the world, who wish to benefit from the implementation of information technology in their state.

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