Digital Architecture

Well-managed data is the backbone of a successful digital society.

Choosing the right technology and its systematic implementation are key issues in developing digital government. Countries that have built a strong technological foundation from the very beginning build the digital state faster and more sustainably. Our extensive consulting experience and our clients’ track record speak for themselves.

Cyberspace provides a rich catalog of technologies and tools that governments can adopt to digitally transform strategic policy domains, services, or processes. The choice should always be based on verified architectural solutions, standards, and agreements — including agreements between countries.

With the consultancy and competence of eGA experts, governments can focus on the generational opportunity presented by digital solutions—and on achieving sustainable social and economic impacts.

Areas of consultancy, implementation and research

eGA’s digital architects provide expertise and knowledge on building the backbone of digital government architecture and the use of interoperability frameworks, in particular:

  • Analysing a country’s existing legislation, available solutions, and the organizational environment
  • Helping create the national interoperability framework
  • Selecting the relevant reference architecture and technical solutions
  • Forming a digital transformation plan for technology adoption and assisting in its implementation