Date:  30 November 2023 | 14:00-17:00 (EET)

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Join us for the re-launch event of the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI). The event will offer a chance to hear directly from cybersecurity experts from different institutions and countries about NCSI 3.0 – the most comprehensive tool to measure countries’ cyber resilience and develop the necessary capacities. The NCSI 3.0 includes new and updated indicators, and presents revised scores and weights.

We have gathered a pool of cybersecurity practitioners into two panels to evaluate which indicators make a difference and how countries have benefitted from the NCSI so far.

The NCSI website (ncsi.ega.ee) allows users to compare countries globally, at the regional level, or within international organisations. The data is updated on a rolling, without publishing annual rankings. The NCSI additionally serves as a cybersecurity reference tool: its country pages provide hundreds of links to national policy and legal documents, institutions, and programmes. This makes the NCSI a source of information to show how any particular country is building its cybersecurity capacity. Finally, the NCSI is used by the eGA and national governments as a cybersecurity assessment and capacity building tool with transparent criteria and methodology.

The event is free of charge.


30 November 2023 | 14:00-17:00

14:00 | Introductory remarks

  • Hannes Astok – Executive Director, e-Governance Academy
  • Andres Ääremaa – Programme Manager for Digital Transformation, ESTDEV
  • Merle Maigre – Head of Cybersecurity Competence Center, e-Governance Academy

14:15 | The Updated NCSI 3.0 

  • Radu Serrano – NCSI Project Team Lead and Cybersecurity Expert, e-Governance Academy

14:45 | Cybersecurity Index of EU

  • Epp MaatenENISA Cybersecurity Index Working Group Member and Senior Cybersecurity Expert, e-Governance Academy

15:00 | Indicators That Make a Difference 

Moderator:  Merle Maigre, Head of Cybersecurity Competence Center, e-Governance Academy

15:45 | User Cases: How Countries benefit from the NCSI?

Moderator:  Piret Pernik, Researcher, NATO CCDCOE

16:30 Closing words

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