A visit of delegation from Japan


On 16 of March a group of entrepreneurs from Japan visited the e-Governance Academy, where they had a discussion with eGA director Arvo Ott and Training Manager Annela Kiirats.

During their visit to eGA the main focus was to learn from Estonian experience and expertise in order to develop specific platform for students from different educational level (secondary school, gymnasium, universities), most probably including also teachers and educational technologists to use common system to exchange information. Special attention should also be paid to how enterprises could find the most suitable student to work for them in the future, using the query-based information from educational platform.

Taking into account that Estonian x-road solution can basically be the model for needed platform, guests paid specific attention to developments and “lessons learned” angle of the system. In addition,  general topics considering e-health were discussed.

Study tour also included visits to Actors, ICT Democenter, Cybernetica etc. The study visit was coordinated by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).


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Annela Kiirats