On March the 18th a group of civil servants from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the e-Governance Academy.

During their visit to Estonia their main focus was on eParticipation mainly, to learn from the examples of Estonian projects to develop concepts, tools and solutions for the use of ICT in participatory democracy as well as to promote the use of ICT in legislative and decision-making processes within the parliamentary and government environments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ms. Liia Hänni, eGA Programme Director of e-democracy/e-participation gave guests an overview of e-Participation projects and different initiatives throughout the past 10 years to engage citizens in decision-making processes and direct e-dialogue with politicians.
Continuation project for “TOM” (i.e. Today I Decide)  – online participation tool TID+ was introduced by Liia Hänni, in addition to osale.ee (i.e. participate.ee) where she was one of the initiators and generator of the ideas.

Study tour also included visits to Estonian Parliament, the Government Office, Open Estonia Foundation and etc.


Additional information:

Ms. Annela Kiirats