Azerbaijan presents world´s most innovative mobile ID and modern service centers in Estonia


Estonian e-Governance Academy together with the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN) present tomorrow, May 13 the world´s most innovative mobile-ID and modern governmental service centers at the seminar organized in Tallinn.

Rising awareness of Information Technology is Azerbaijan´s main priority, governmental service centers help people to be a part of the decision making process. Azerbaijan´s aim is to have e-governance systems that support all governmental agencies, private sector, individuals and foreign citizens living in Azerbaijan,“ said Ulduza Khalidova, Head of ASAN.

The ASAN service centers encompass representatives of ten ministries under one roof, they provide more than 30 governmental and 25 private sector services. „The ASAN service centers have improved citizens´ communication with the state considerably,“ says Khalidova.   

Yana Krimpe, the founder and CEO of Estonian – Azerbaijani IT company B.EST Solutions introduces Azerbaijani mobile ID´s technical solutions created by Estonian IT companies. According to Krimpe the Azerbaijani mobile ID´s success story is the best example how two countries have created the most innovative product based on their best practices. „We followed Estonia´s example but took into account local needs. While in Estonia, every mobile operator has created their own mobile ID, Azerbaijan has one centrally operated system and operators act as mediators. As a result, Estonia decided to reform its mobile ID system and make it easily manageable,“ Krimpe said.

Krimpe´s company B.EST Solutions has operated in Azerbaijan for five years. She considers Azerbaijani business environment promising for innovation and technology. „E-services create favorable environment for transparency, help to avoid corruption, and make the society better.“

Besides B.EST Solutions Estonian IT companies Cybernetica AS, Aktors, EMT and SignWise have created technical solutions for Azerbaijan´s e-government.

 The seminar is a part of international e-governance conference held in Tallinn on May 12-13 organised by e-Governance Academy.

The seminar takes place in Nordic Hotel Forum on May 13 at 11.30-13.00.

More information: http://azerbaijanbestpractice.com/