Cyprus to implement Estonian model of electronic identity


e-Governance Academy of Estonia and the Presidency of Cyprus signed a cooperation agreement to develop the electronic identity concept and implement digital signature solution in Cyprus.

Experts of e-Governance Academy will advise the Government of Cyprus in the field of electronic identity and describe the technical solution.

” We have full scope of experience to support Cyprus in enabling secured electronic identification based on the public key infrastructure and finding the suitable partners. It’s all about the perspective of the EU digital single market,” explained project manager Sandra Roosna.

Roosna added, that Cyprus wants to implement the Estonian success story of these digital signature, which helped Estonia to save ca 2% of GDP.

e-Governance Academy started partnership with the Unit of Administrative Reform, Presidency of Cyprus, which is an important link between the local institutions involved in electronic identity launching actions.

The cooperation is based on the Memorandum of Understanding, signed in January 2016 between the Governments of Estonia and Cyprus.