Delegation of Mongolian Cabinet Secretariat


The delegation of Mongolian Cabinet Secretariat and other relevant authorities that provide e-services, participate on a five-day study tour on e-governance this week. Mongolian Government is keen to leverage potential of ICTs to improve accessibility, transparency and efficiency of public services in Mongolia, including better design for public service delivery.

They are implementing the SMART Governance project, having already 211 different e-services, National Data Center, providing G2G services and National CA, ready to provide certification services for officials and citizens, and central e-government portal, that provides different services and citizens have their participatory tools to give feedback to government activities.

The delegation is examining Estonian best practice on interoperability solution for e-governance by meeting with relevant government agencies, academia and Estonian ICT-sector.

The programme is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of Estonian Development Cooperation, international travel is financed by the World Bank.