e-Governance Academy conducts its 100th training

Today the e-Governance Academy reaches an important milestone – 100 trainings conducted –, welcoming a group of high-level officials from Serbia.
The two-day training, titled „Support to the Strategic Development of the IT system within the Serbian Ministry of the Interior“ introduces the Estonian interoperability framework and ICT coordination in the public sector, provides an overview of the Estonian e-police solutions, our national ID card and digital identity, but also allows guests to exchange with colleagues from the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
The e-Governance Academy has organised such e-governance trainings since 2002. Since then, more than 1500 public officials and NGO leaders from 45 countries have been hosted in Estonia (see map below). In most cases the presentations and site visits are spread over a week and cover a range of topics from the general ICT policy and coordination and e-democracy to specific lectures on cyber security, m-governance, e-voting, e-health, etc.

To arrange the trainings, the e-Governance Academy uses its expert staff, but also involves many colleagues from the public and private sector. We would like to thank all our experts for the fruitful cooperation!
For more information on trainings held and future cooperation possibilities, please contact our training manager Annela Kiirats.