e-Governance Academy organises two discussions at Festival of Opinion Culture


The e-Governance Academy invites everyone to the ‘Functioning e-State’ discussion area of the popular Estonian Festival of Opinion Culture on 14 – 15 August 2015 to think about and have their say on the most important issue in terms of the sustainability of the Estonian e-state, i.e. how to make the e-state more attractive to young people. In the ‘Estonia in the World’ discussion area, we will discuss the ways in which Estonia remains the flagship of the e-state in the world and how to keep the rudder steady. Liia Hänni, Senior Expert of Open Governance at the Academy, will also participate in discussions of the role of think tanks and the disclosure of the work of the Riigikogu’s committees. Come to Paide and share your thoughts!


DISCUSSION ‘For whom are we building the e-state?’ 15.08 @ 12:00-13:30 in the ‘Functioning e-State’ discussion area

This discussion will take a closer look at how skilled young people are in using e-services and their role in e-participation, and will try to find a solution as to how to raise and how to grow up to become e-citizens. We invite all young people, social studies teachers, education specialists, local government leaders and politicians to search for answers to the following questions: Do we know how to make the most of the advantages of our e-state in our own interests? How can we make young people interested in being (e-)citizens? How can we improve the education of e-citizens in schools and their involvement in local government? Are the state, the local government and society ready to let young people have a say?

The discussion will be moderated by e-Governance Academy expert Kristina Reinsalu and spurred on by Director of Academic Affairs at the Narva College of the University of Tartu Aet Kiisla, Professor of Technology Education at the University of Tartu Margus Pedaste, Social Studies teacher at Hugo Treffner Upper Secondary School Aare Ristikivi and youth expert and activist Gerd Tarand. We will discuss how to make the e-state work even more effectively for us.


DISCUSSION ‘Is Estonia Still the Flagship of the e-State in the World?’ 15.08 @ 15.30-17.00 in the ‘Estonia in the World’ discussion area

The rest of the world has been interested in the Estonian e-state for over 10 years. Is Estonia still surprising the world with its e-state today? What about tomorrow? What do we have to do to raise awareness of our state as the most powerful e-state in the world and to gain praise from our own citizens?

Linnar Viik, Siim Sikkut, Alar Karis and Anto Veldre will put their heads together during the discussion. The moderator will be Hannes Astok from the e-Governance Academy.


DISCUSSION ‘Think Tanks – Who Needs Them?’ 14.08 @15:00-16:30 at Vabakonna kasvulava

What is a think tank, what makes them stand out among other organisations and how do they work? What are the specific features of Estonian think tanks? How does the work of think tanks produce results? What does the future hold for think tanks?

Participants: Annika Uudelepp (Praxis), Kristiina Tõnnisson (Centre for Applied Social Sciences CASS), Kristina Kallas (Institute of Baltic Studies) & Liia Hänni (e-Governance Academy)


DISCUSSION ‘Open Governance: Starting the from Riigikogu?’ 15.08 @ 18:00-19:30 in the Functioning State discussion area

Disclosure of the work of Riigikogu committees was the subject of the most heated debate in the previous parliament. Minutes and recordings suddenly became a hot topic. Could the effectiveness of the discussions held in the parliament be one of the measures of the health of democracy? Could disclosing them be the benchmark of open governance? Those involved, the media and anyone else interested in the topic – come and have your say!

Moderator: Olari Koppel

Participants: Liia Hänni, Toomas Mattson, Eiki Nestor and Kalle Laanet

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