e-Governance Academy to introduce the publication “e-Governance in Practice”


Estonia is widely known as digital country, but so far there wasn’t any practical and comprehensive handbooks on how and of what the digital society is really made of. Now, experts of the e-Governance Academy have gathered all knowledge on e-governance into the publication “e-Governance in Practice”, that gives an overview what the Estonian information society is about, how it is structured and how it is managed.

This guide presents fundamental aspects of Estonian digital success and explains how state-level technologies, legislation and management systems support electronic governance.

We do hope that “e-Governance in Practice”  might be an helpful material for all leaders around the world, who wish to benefit from the implementation of information technology.

The publication is composed by Mrs Sandra Roosna, eGA Associated Expert in cooperation with Mr Raul Rikk, the Head of Cyber Security Domain and other eGA experts and financed by Norway Grants program.

The publication is downloadable here