e-Governance Academy to renew its visual identity


In October, the e-Governance Academy will launch its new visual identity, which consists of a green logo imprint, the abbreviation eGA and the supplement e-Governance Academy.

Hannes Astok, the Director for Development of the e-Governance Academy, said that the new logo of the Academy expressed the nature of the Academy and its activities in developing e-governance in the world. “Although the name of our organisation contains the word ‘academy’, our strength is, first and foremost, practical knowledge of how to introduce e-governance on the level of government or local government, how to guarantee the cyber security of the country and how to use the means of ICT for the development of democracy and involvement of residents. With the help of the management of changes and ICT, we provide governments and local governments with a new, fresh breath, by relying on the experience of Estonia and other countries. This is the reason why we have been involved in the development of e-governance of more than 50 countries. The new visual helps us talk about the experience of Estonia even more attractively,” remarked Astok.

Anu Vahtra-Hellat, the Communication Manager of the e-Governance Academy, added that the Academy has been telling its story and that of the Estonian e-state for 12 years. “We will refresh our appearance in order to address the target groups better than before. Our promise to launch e-governance everywhere in the world remains the same,” said Vahtra-Hellat.

The renewal of the visual identity is part of the project for the communication capacity building of e-Governance Academy, which is financed by the Ministry of the Interior and National Foundation of Civil Society.

The e-Governance Academy has been operating as an independent and mission-based think tank and consultancy organisation since 2002. It has been brought into existence by the United Nations Development Programme, the Estonian Institute for Open Society Research and the Government of Estonia. Over the years, the Academy has trained more than 2,500 officials from more than 50 countries and managed or participated in more than 50 international projects for the development of a country, local government or organisation. The Academy has 22 employees. In addition, the expert network of the Academy consists of approx. 100 international experts on e-governance.