Capacity building seminar for high officials of Ukraine in Kiev


Kristina Reinsalu, e-democracy expert of eGA was part of the training team conducting capacity building seminar for high state officials of Ukraine in Kiev 12-13 October 2015. The training covered different topics related to open governance and e-government including e-democracy and cyber-security and were presented by experts of Estonia and Finland.

Kristina´s presentation „The road to e-Democracy: Estonian case“ focused on Estonian experience in building up the main pillars of e-democracy, our success-stories but also mistakes, wrongdoings and lessons learned from these. Also the new trends and show-cases of online-co-creation and crowd-sourcing in Estonia (such as People´s Assembley, Participatory Budgeting) were presented.

Another Estonian representative, Head of Development Department Karin Närep, Ministry of Finance of Estonia, introduced Estonian experiences in adaptation to EU. Our Finnish colleagues from HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management, Ministry of Finance of Finland and Aalto University covered the topics related to public sector reforms, public management develop and training and cyber-security.

The Kiev workshop was one of the workshops “Capacity Building Support to Eastern Partnership Countries by Finland and Estonia” within the framework of the Project “Participatory Democracy, Open Governance and Efficient e-Government Services (PADOS)”