Participatory Democracy, Open Governance, Efficient e-Government Services (PADOS)

Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
02/ 2015 - 01/ 2016

The project “Participatory Democracy, Open Governance & Efficient eGovernment Services project” (PADOS)  enhanced the transparency and openness of decision-making and governance in six EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and to supported democratic governance.

The project was divided into three components:

  1. Participation, eDemocracy, Open Governance
    Introduces new tools and methods that will strengthen citizens’ participation, bottom-up innovation processes, open governance structures, fora, and applications of new information technology to support these improvements.
  2. eGovernance, Cyber Security, Data Protection
    Supports EaP countries in the process of applying information technology and developing eGovernance/eGovernment services, paying sufficient attention to cyber security issues and data protection matters through the implementation of best practice models from EU countries
  3. Public Management Reform and New Leadership in a Complex Environment
    Helps Eastern Partnership countries accelerate Public Management Reforms and Open Governance through capacity-building activities, exchanging good practices, organizing seminars and mutual learning platforms and piloting new innovative models and approaches.

The Eastern Partnership aims at tightening the relationship between the EU and the Eastern Partners by deepening their political co-operation and economic integration. The Eastern Partnership offers deeper integration with the EU structures by encouraging and supporting partner countries in their political, institutional and economic reforms based on EU standards, as well as facilitating trade and increasing mobility between the EU and partner states. The Eastern Partnership is a part of the European Neighbourhood Policy, which covers the EU’s neighbours in the East and South. However, the Eastern Partnership goes beyond the original European Neighbourhood Policy package as it deepens bilateral co-operation, and introduces new mechanisms for regional co-operation.

The project will start with fact-finding missions in each of the Eastern Partnership countries, where beneficiaries and other stakeholders will express their development needs in each project component. The missions will be followed by workshops in each country, wherein the Finnish-Estonian expert team will provide good practices and deliver bilateral support to the host country.

Other activities include seminars and study visits in Helsinki and Tallinn, needs assessment, European best practice analyses and recommendations.

eGA’s role in the project is to lead the second component and support Eastern Partnership countries in the process of applying information technology and developing eGovernance/eGovernment services, while paying sufficient attention to cyber security issues and data protection matters.