eGA continues to support the digital transformation of Mongolia


The Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Mongolia and the e-Governance Academy signed a memorandum of understanding on 8 April 2022 to support the digital transformation of Mongolia.

The memorandum was signed by B. Bolor-Erdene, State Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications, and Hannes Astok, Executive Director of the e-Governance Academy.



According to Hannes Astok, Mongolia has made a big leap in public e-services provision during the pandemic by launching the e-Mongolia app and making it easier for citizens to apply for certificates and public services. To date, the e-Mongolia app includes 640 services and has two million users. The e-Mongolia app provides citizens with vaccination certificates, social insurance payment references, residential address registration references, and other certificates.

“The next stage of our collaboration includes digital skills, digital identity and digital signature development, as well as re-design of e-services to provide citizens with proactive and certificate-free public services,” said Hannes Astok. “Supporting the digital development of Mongolia, we take the Estonian and Ukrainian examples of public service provision as best practices.”

The memorandum covers the following activities:

  • Digital skills improvement for civil servants in charge of the digital transformation of the government
  • Capacity building for communication and information technology professionals
  • Exchange of experience in introducing innovative and advanced technologies
  • Support the development of digital transformation strategies and e-government regulatory models
  • Improvement of the interoperability of main registration systems
  • Development of e-services, digital identification systems, and e-government financing framework
  • Cyber security capacity building

The collaboration with the Government of Mongolia started in 2020 with consultations on the e-governmentrelated policy development, improvement of the interoperability between public registers and databases, and inspirational seminars on how to raise citizens’ awareness of public services. Moreover, eGA experts compiled recommendations for its partner organisation (CITA) on key activities for further digital transformation.