eGA workshop at the Freedom Online Coalition conference

The workshop „e-Governance solutions on a national level: practical example of e-identification system and cyber security“ takes place on 29 April 2014 at 9.00-10.30.

The workshop starts with a cyber security session during which experts show how hacking takes place and what the hacker is able to do with publicly available resources. The main emphasis is on the effect, what the hacker is able to reach. The next demonstration and practical exercise is about e-authentication and e-signing, explaining how cross-border electronic signatures work. The topic will be explained based on the examples of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania, both from a legal and business point of view. Lastly, the workshop provides an overview of e-Governance Academy’s ten years of experience in e-government policy planning and implementation, organisational setup, legal and technical frameworks in more than 50 countries.

Hannes Astok
Member of the Management Board
e-Governance Academy
Tiit Anmann, SignWise
Hannes Astok, e-Governance Academy
Liisi Jürgen, SignWise
Arvo Ott, e-Governance Academy
Mari Pedak, e-Governance Academy
Ragnar Rattas, Estonian Information Systems Authority
Raul Rikk, e-Governance Academy
More information: www.freedomonline.ee