Podcast 🎧: Investing in people and the economy for a digital society


In parallel with a crisis of public health, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great damage also to the national economy of most countries.

Regardless of how hard these have been hit in terms of casualties and infection rates, lockdown measures have been enforced to different degrees almost everywhere in Europe and around the world. As a consequence, an unprecedented economic crisis has disrupted jobs, incomes, value chains, requiring governments and international organizations to act fast and channel funds into domestic markets to stay afloat.

Thinking of a post-pandemic labour market and economy, where should we look at? With Linnar Viik, our Programme Director of Smart Governance, we look at three areas where the intervention will certainly be much needed: Public-Private Partnerships, firms, and human capital.


In today’s episode, Linnar Viik sheds light on how governments can shape their post-pandemic labor markets and economies. His main suggestion is: shift the focus from public services digitalisation to the economy and society as a whole. The digital DNA of companies and societies is very much needed during these times. But how is it gained?

Tune in to find out!


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