Podcast 🎧: Risks and opportunities in voting on the internet


When it comes to political participation, elections represent something that most countries have in common, but that differentiates them between each other at the same time. All democratic nations set rounds of voting to renew people’s representatives in national assemblies; however, almost all nations vary in the ways elections are carried out.

From registration to counting and publishing of the results, there are many opportunities to implement electronic means to facilitate and streamline the process of voting. But moving parts of this process to the cyberworld, of course, carries related risks.

The speakers of today’s episode of the Digital Government podcast have a far-reaching background in electronic voting and the risks connected to it.

Liisa Past, outgoing Chief Cyber Risk Officer for the Government of Estonia, was also one of the driving forces behind the Estonian Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Elections, as well as the Compendium on Cyber Security of Election Technology. Epp Maaten instead, currently Programme Director of Cyber Security at eGA, has served in the Estonian National Electoral Committee and as Deputy Head of the Electronic Voting Committee. The discussion is moderated by Federico Plantera.

Listen to the podcast or read the blog post to delve deep into the challenges and breakthroughs of making digital solutions common practice in elections!


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