Transforming Moldova’s Digital Governance and Cybersecurity Landscape


The e-Governance Academy (eGA), in collaboration with partners and various international organisations, has significantly contributed to transforming Moldova’s digital governance and cybersecurity landscape. Together, we have successfully implemented numerous projects that have strengthened the country’s cybersecurity and digital infrastructure.  

Moldova has faced a growing diversity and intensity of cyberattacks in recent years, with increasing cyber threats and rising costs of cybercrime. Recognising that cybersecurity is crucial for a functioning state and public trust, eGA’s experts have supported the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Agency and cybersecurity laws, enhanced digital infrastructure, and promoted a culture of cybersecurity awareness and education through strategic projects and partnerships. These initiatives are vital in protecting Moldova’s critical infrastructure, security interests, and the digital rights of its citizens. 

Cyber Flood 2024 in Chisinau, Moldova
Cyber Flood 2024 in Chisinau, Moldova


Achievements of Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance 1.0  

The two-year Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance 1.0, funded by the EU, has significantly enhanced the country’s cyber resilience, primarily focusing on protecting critical infrastructure. One of the standout achievements of this project is the creation of the cybersecurity law, which has been adopted by the Moldovan Parliament. This law established a solid foundation for cybersecurity governance and led to the formation of the National Cybersecurity Agency. This Agency is now central to implementing state policies on cybersecurity and ensuring high security for critical service providers’ networks and information systems.   

In addition, numerous capacity-building activities were carried out: over 115 events and workshops with over 3000 participants – half of them being women. These included, for example, the regional Cybersecurity Symposium in November 2023, a cybersecurity boot camp for young people, and the Women in Cyber Forum to amplify women’s role in cybersecurity. Moreover, a cyber hygiene campaign (www.sigurantadigitala.md) with e-learning opportunities has been created to raise awareness amongst citizens. 

Women in Cyber Forum in Moldova
Women in Cyber Forum in Moldova


Advancing with Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance 2.0 

Building on the successes of Rapid Assistance 1.0, the upcoming project aims to further enhance Moldova’s cybersecurity infrastructure. The primary objectives of this next phase are to increase the cyber resilience of Moldovan beneficiaries, improve cybersecurity capacities, protect critical information systems, and support the implementation of cybersecurity-related normative frameworks. 

To achieve these goals, eGA’s experts will provide policy consultations, organise tailored trainings, supply necessary equipment and tools, and implement cybersecurity drills and exercises. Additionally, eGA will support participation in international networks, forums, conferences, and capacity-building events, as well as address online privacy and personal data protection issues through various awareness-raising activities. 

Other eGA Projects in Moldova 

Beyond the Rapid Assistance projects, eGA has been involved in several other initiatives that have significantly impacted Moldova’s digital landscape. Over the years, eGA has collaborated with the Moldovan public sector on 16 projects. These projects have helped to promote open government and secure digital services. Together we:   

  • created a searchable online archive of judicial decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Nisporeni District Court;   
  • created and launched a community platform to engage citizens in coping with corruption;   
  • assessed Moldova’s cyber-security situation and developed cybersecurity knowledge and culture through exercises and seminars.   
  • enhance the cyber defence capacities of the Armed Forces of Moldova within the EU Peace Facility Measure. 
Cybersecurity exercise in Moldova
Cybersecurity exercise in Moldova


Moreover, eGA has recently partnered with NATO to align Moldova’s cybersecurity practices with Euro-Atlantic standards. As part of NATO’s Enhanced Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Package, eGA will assess the current situation and growing needs of the beneficiaries in the domain of cybersecurity. This will serve as the starting point for future venues of cooperation and support. 


As eGA continues its work in Moldova, the focus is on enhancing the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure and resilience through comprehensive policy support, capacity-building initiatives, and international cooperation. Supported by partners such as the European Union, NATO, and USAID, eGA promotes open government, secure digital services, and effective cybersecurity measures. 

Looking ahead, eGA remains dedicated to empowering nations through knowledge, innovation, and resilience, ensuring a secure and prosperous digital future for all.