Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance 2.0

05/2024 - 11/2025
€ 2.7 mln
Project manager
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The European Union introduced the Rapid Assistance Project in Moldova in 2022 to increase the cyber resilience of public sector organisations and key critical infrastructure sectors. In the initial phase, the project aim was to align national competent authorities with the EU NIS Directive. Over two years, the project significantly enhanced the country’s cyber resilience, focusing primarily on protecting critical infrastructure.

Read more about the achievements of Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid 1.0 project here.

Building on the successes of Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance 1.0, the new project aims to strengthen Moldova’s cybersecurity infrastructure further.

The primary objectives of this next phase are to:

  • increase the cyber resilience of Moldovan beneficiaries;
  • improve cybersecurity capacities;
  • protect critical information systems;
  • support the implementation of cybersecurity-related normative frameworks and enhance the legislative framework in line with the EU acquis

Throughout the project, eGA’s experts will provide policy consultations, organise tailored trainings, supply necessary equipment and tools, and implement cybersecurity drills and exercises.
Additionally, eGA will support participation in international networks, forums, conferences, and capacity-building events, as well as address online privacy and personal data protection issues through various awareness-raising activities.

As eGA continues its work in Moldova, the focus is on enhancing the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure and resilience through comprehensive policy support, capacity-building initiatives, and international cooperation.