Yearbook 2019: A Giant Leap Starts With Small Steps


e-Governance Academy Yearbook 2019 provides an overview of our largest undertakings in the past year and introduces trends in smart governance, e-democracy and cyber security.

In the Yearbook, Linnar Viik, the Director of Smart Government  sheds the light on the trends that will shape e-government in the next 10 years and explaines what will drive an ever-pervasive innovation, and how governments can tap into these trends to distribute the dividends of a truly digital society.

As a digital society cannot safely exist without a solid cyber security framework Epp Maaten, the Director of National Cyber Security introduces a tool for developing and measuring cyber security on a national level – the National Cyber Security Index.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set the overarching objective to achieve sustainability by 2030. Hence, we have only one decade left to accomplish this substantial goal with the benefit of information and communication technologies. There is no doubt that digital transformation will be one of the hottest keywords of this decade. Our project manager Radu Serrano explains in Yearbook how eGA’s activities can benefit governments to achieve the goals mentioned.

In addition, the Yearbook includes statistical data of eGA’s operations, broken down according to key economic parameters.


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