The launch of Beninese national e-service portal


Accessible at www.service-public.bj, the Beninese national e-service portal is a single point of entry to all public services, available 24/7.

Screenshot of the portal landing page


The development of the portal is part of the modernisation of public administration in Benin, led by the Ministry of Digitisation. Furthermore, the e-service portal helps reduce face-to-face contacts between citizens and officials during the corona pandemic currently spreading across the world.

The portal provides information about more than 250 public services offered by public authorities in Benin. Starting with some public services in electronic form, the number of e-services will increase during the year.

The portal project is coordinated by the Beninese Information Systems and Services Agency (ASSI) and the e-Governance Academy, with technological development by Cybernetica and Open SI.

The e-services portal is powered by the interoperability project, during which e-Governance Academy and Cybernetica have developed and deployed a secure data exchange framework for Benin and has helped map Beninese information systems and services in a catalogue of interoperable solutions (CatIS).