Radu Serrano develops and manages projects at the e-Governance Academy. His responsibilities include managing and updating the National Cyber Security Index database, and maintaining communications with its various stakeholders. He has also contributed to the establishment of an anti-corruption web platform in Moldova, and to the analysis of Moldovan governmental e-services for the private sector. In addition, he is responsible for providing translation and language localisation to various project documents and publications.

Previously, Radu served at the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, where he contributed to the content of international trade treaties, and assisted with the establishment of businesses in the Republic of Panama, respectively. He also worked as a Trade Specialist at the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AmCham), authoring multiple ‘Doing Business’ reports, and advising the private sector on all matters pertaining to Panama, the U.S. and their commercial relations.

Over the past years, he has researched e-government topics such as Internet voting and the use of artificial intelligence in the government. Radu holds a joint Master‘s degree in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University of Münster and Tallinn University of Technology.

Radu speaks English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Italian.