Empowerment of mobile youth in the EU

The main objective of the project “Empowerment of mobile youth in the EU” (EMY) is to support and enhance the inclusion and democratic participation of young EU citizens studying abroad, named mobile EU youth, in the political life of their host EU countries and European Parliament Elections in May 2019.

Thereby EMY aims to (a) identify ways of fostering and supporting democratic participation, (b) increase awareness about opportunities to expand political and social participation, (c) specify and develop methods and tools that support democratic participation of mobile EU youth.

The EMY will specifically target mobile EU students aged 16 – 29, who are EU citizens and staying in Austria and Estonia, i.e. Erasmus and other bachelors, master and PhD students, interns and postdocs who are citizens from other EU countries.

In this project, the task of eGA is to raise awareness and conduct engagement activities with mobile EU youth in Austria and Estonia.

Who is benefiting from our project?

  • Mobile youth aged 16-29, primarily students, residing in another EU member state, notably Austria and Estonia in a pilot phase.
  • Community leaders in Austria and Estonia, in particular, linked to universities and schools.
  • European, national and local policy makers and administrations dealing with elections, citizen engagement and education.

What are the expected results?

  • Increased awareness of mobile youth in the EU about opportunities for engagement.
  • A better understanding of their preferences and attitudes, including improved knowledge and understanding of the role of digital technologies.
  • Recommendations for policymakers, authorities and social and political communities to better meet expectations, needs and preferences of European mobile youth for engagement at the EU and local level.
  • Recommendations/specifications for sustainable engagement of mobile citizens in the EU.


Visit https://europeanmobileyouth.eu/

The project focuses on the following key activities:

  1. Awareness raising about EU Citizenship and the right to take part in European and local elections in the host country, and other options for engagement at EU and local level;
  2. Mapping and assessment of electoral and (pre- and post-election) political engagement of mobile students at EU and local level in Austria and Estonia (based on the EU Parliament elections in May 2019 including recent elections for student representative bodies as appropriate); special attention will be paid to the use of social media, e-tools and platforms (e.g. for i-voting) in Austria and Estonia;
  3. Organizing and facilitating focus-group and online discussions as part of interaction and crowdsourcing activities to seek mobile students’ feedback to reveal engagement opportunities and suggest policy changes;
  4. Identifying use requirements (via crowdsourcing) and technical specifications for a scalable pan-European tool (application service) to serve the information and interaction needs of mobile EU students willing to be more active socially and politically in their host countries. The tool is planned to be designed as a prototype for use initially in Austria and Estonia (after the project end) and then scaled up to cover the entire EU as a self-organisation and sustainability support instrument for networking among mobile students interested in engagement in local social and political life;
  5. Development of policy recommendations aimed at national and European governing bodies responsible for and dealing with youth mobility for broader and sustainable transnational engagement of young people across the EU; this will include a proposal on how to scale the project to all EU Member States and guidelines for the best use of transnational online tools;
  6. Formulation and agreeing on a sustainability strategy for a networked movement (community) of mobile EU students.


Pre-election Mapping Results


Austria, Estonia,




02/2019 - 02/2021


125 148 €

Project Manager

Jelizaveta Krenjova-Cepilova, PhD


Austrian Institute of Technology (lead partner)

Centre for Economics and Public Administration Limited