Creating the eID for Cyprus

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
10/2016 - 02/2018
Project manager

Since 2016 e-Governance Academy and the Republic of Cyprus have joined forces to create the national eID scheme and electronic signature solution for Cyprus. The activity is in line with the EU’s digital single market intentions. The project was initiated under the MOU signed between the Prime Ministers of Estonia and Cyprus in January 2016.

During past two years the team has prepared the concept for suitable eID solution and going in-depth to eID implementation planning.

Several local governmental institutions responsible for document issuance, population registry, government ICT department(s) as well as leading banks and telcos were involved into the project.

The outcomes of the project:

  • preliminary analysis that includes prerequisites for eID implementation, the analysis of the population registration system, eID options and functionalities (such as card-based, SIM-based, cloud-native, etc) and of the existing trust services and digital signature solutions
  • the list of requirements considering existing solutions on the market
  • involvement of parties from private and public sector and their roles defined
  • recommendations on regulatory framework and eID promotion actions
  • review of potential vendors
  • support in composing tender documentation and anticipated tender timetable