Trusted and secure digital society for Moldova

Cyber Security
Cyber Security
03/2018 - 02/2020
150 000 €
Project manager

The general aim of the project is to develop a secure digital society, that provides trusted environment for doing business and economic success for people. Within the project eGA supports the development of Moldova’s institutional capacity in the digital security area. The activities include awareness raising on the EU’s new data protection regulation, development of cyber security framework (incl. new strategy, classification of ICT systems, cyber incident management), further development of national information and cyber security requirements, specialists’ training and conduction of cyber defence exercises (cyber drills).

This project is a continuation of the project “National cyber security capacity development in Moldova” (2015 – 2017).


The project has following activities:

1. Development plan for digital (cyber) security
2. Classification system of ICT systems
3. Further development of minimum information and cyber security requirements
4. ISO 27001 training
5. Cyber security drill
6. Awareness raising among government officials regarding EU GDPR