Cyber-hygiene e-learning for the e-Government Agency of Moldova


CybExer Technologies and e-Governance Academy supported the e-Government Agency of Moldova with online cyber hygiene e-learning to increase cyber awareness of Moldovan public officials.

The course allows Moldovan public officials to learn and test their cyber awareness skills and prepare against the threats in the digital world. At the end of each individual session, users receive a profile indicating the level of risk in different areas of cyber hygiene. The courses were provided within the project “Trusted and Secure Digital Society for Moldova” implemented by e-Governance Academy.

Merle Maigre from CyberExer pointed out that the cyber security became crucial during the COVID-19 while we are relaying in various digital platforms allowing us to work and educate our kids.

CybExer has decided to contribute to personal cyber hygiene through its free online course. The courses are available in 14 languages, including English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Ukrainian,” said Maigre.

According to Hannes Astok, Development Director of the e-Governance Academy, this is a great example of a successful public-private cooperation in cyber security.

The collaboration between sectors and also countries is crucial to make a national cyberspace more trustworthy environment. The cyber hygiene course developed by professionals is a great option for organisations and governments that can use this ready-made tool and do not have to waste time to reinvent “the wheel,” said Hannes Astok.

Veaceslav Pușcașu, Head of Quality and Information Security Service of the e-Government Agency of Moldova, confirmed that Estonia and Moldova have had very good cooperation.

We have imported the best practices in cyber security from Estonia to Moldova. We sincerely hope that the cooperation will continue,” said Veaceslav Pușcașu.

The objective of the Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Course is to assess and decrease the risk emanating from user behaviour in cyberspace – ignorance or simple carelessness when using computers can bring about many problems not only for an individual user but also their co-students, colleagues, their organisation or the entire country.


Assisting Moldova with the cyber hygiene course is part of the “Trusted and Secure Digital Society for Moldova” assistance project implemented by e-Governance Academy and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. The general aim of the project is to develop a secure digital society, that provides trusted environment for doing business and economic success for people. This supports the development of Moldova’s institutional capacity in the digital security area.


See more about the cyber hygiene courses https://mycyberhygiene.com