e-Services Interoperability Framework and Building Policy Analyses

The e-Governance Academy was responsible for all aspects of development of e-Services interoperability framework and development requirements for e-services integration infrastructure. This project assisted the Government in producing standards as well as model processes for policy formulation, consultation, communication and adoption in e-services development for public institutions, which will then be incorporated into ministerial business processes. The project  also assisted the government in introducing relevant guidelines, methods, templates and other toolkits required for formulating policy in e-Services to all public institutions.

The results of the project where:

  • Current situation report with SWOT for interoperability
  • Interoperability Framework Policy report
  • E-Services Integration Infrastrucutre report
  • Recommendations Package on Institutional Report




Smart Governance, Cyber Security


11/03/2015 - 11/08/2015


165 150 eur

Project Manager

Ivar Tallo