Elector’s Compass

12/ 2010 - 04/ 2011
19 621 €
Project manager

The project „Elector’s Compass for Parlamentary Elections 2011“ was launched in October 2010. The project was funded by Estonian Open Foundation and it’s main goal was to offer the possibility to compare everybody’s own standpoints in key issues for political life and society with standpoints of candidate parties. For this reason the special technical tool – called elector’s compass – will be made available in special election’s website launched by Estonian Public Broadcasting.

The use of elector’s compass stimulates citizens to think more actively about different aspects and problems in society and political life of the country and helps to position themselves politically. Namely conscious and calculated desicions of electorate form the basement for efficient representative democracy and responsability of citizens for the political trajectory of the state. Consequently, the project was directed to all citizens having voting right in Estonia, but also to all parties, because for making the tool „work“ also parties have to profile thsemselves according to standpoints in different areas of society.

The concrete activities of the project were:

  1. Stating politically neutral statements on key issues of political life and society
  2. Defining of position of different parties towards those key standpoints
  3. Elaborating technical software solution for this tool

For stating politically neutral statments, the advisory expert body is formed by Estonian leading political scientists, sociologists, communication and media specialists. Kristjan Vassil, a Phd student from European University Institute, was recruited as a scientific advisor ensuring the quality of the application and identification of party positions.