Enhancing Western Balkan eGovernment Expertise

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Croatia | Estonia | North Macedonia | Serbia
Governance and Engagement
Bosnia and Herzegovina | Croatia | Estonia | North Macedonia | Serbia
Governance and Engagement
December 2006 - November 2008
Project manager

Project title: Enhancing Western Balkan eGovernment Expertise

The proposed project enabled public administration in Western Balkan Countries to reach higher productivity and equity.

Services addressed by the project include eCustoms – New Computerised Transit System, eFinance – VAT Information Exchange System, eJustice cross border cases – Automation of Court Procedures, European Companies Register and European Land Information System, eAdministration – Electronic Filing System and eTrade Facilitation for European waste transport.

The activities included establishing a “We-Go” interoperability framework with focus on transactional cross-border services. In addition, the project provided best practices for corresponding transactional application domains delivered as trial prototypes to enable follow-up implementation projects. Moreover, the project established “We-Go” Academies, offering training courses as accompanying measures for the selected applications as well as foundation for future regional e-government course program deployments. Finally, the partners created a “We-Go” Knowledge Net, built by a system of federated registries, which is planned to ensure sustainability and further improvements beyond the end of the project.