Introducing Estonian ICT Solutions for Delegations from Developing Countries

Multiple countries
Cybersecurity | E-democracy | Smart Governance | Technology
Multiple countries
Cybersecurity | E-democracy | Smart Governance | Technology
01/2021 - 12/2021
100 000 €
Project manager

The project “Introducing Estonian ICT solutions for delegations from developing countries” aims to provide civil servants of developing countries with e-governance trainings.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, provision of the administrative procedures of many countries is complicated. That has brought countries to understanding that implementation of the e-government and developing e-services for citizens is crucial.

Increasing digital capacity in public sector is one of the most influential method to help developing countries, incl. to overcome the crisis Covid-19 has created.

In order to increase the capacity to implement e-government, there is a need to provide civil servants from respective public authorities with e-governance training programmes. It is important to provide different forms of trainings (e-course, study visits to Estonia, expert missions to beneficiary countries), in first-hand with e-courses to assure that response to training needs is met, despite of travel restrictions. Project activities foresee organisation of e-governance trainings in the best format, based on current situation, preferred format is e-course.