E-courses on e-governance

Learn how your country can boost its digital development from distance.


eGA e-courses are the easiest and fastest way to understand how to enhance administrative capacity and develop sustainable public service delivery in your country. Through the collaboration of all participating delegates and eGA experts, you will gain multi-layered insights to help streamline your future plans.

You will meet with a range of eGA and its external experts who have extensive experience in digital transformation. Our in-house senior experts are former Estonian government and municipal decision-makers with significant expertise in digital transformation.

Our e-courses are meant for groups of decision makers and experts in the field. Contact us to set up a tailor-made e-course for your group!


The course consists of:

  • Presentations
    on various e-governance related topics, such as the key elements of e-government, e-government coordination and policy-making, the role of the private sector in digital transformation, regulatory framework for e-government implementation, and cyber security, among others. The presentations are either prerecorded or delivered via live online sessions.
  • Internal discussion
    with your colleagues to discuss the materials and to answer our questionnaire about the current state of e-governance, as well as the challenges of digital transformation in your country. Such teamwork helps you analyse your needs for improving your administrative processes.
  •  Webinars with Estonian e-government experts
    In an introductory webinar, we share insights into Estonian e-governance solutions. In  discussion webinars, you can get more detailed explanations on any specific aspect, ask questions, discuss further activities, seek feedback on completed activities, etc. A conclusion webinar can be conducted upon request.

Completing the course will take approximately 8 weeks, the final duration of the course will be agreed based on the customised course volume.

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Example programme

E-governance training courses prospect


How to get your customised e-course?


Contact us at to set up a tailor-made e-course for your group! We will discuss the specific requirements of your local needs and map the background information.
To form your team of course participants, we recommend engaging people from different levels of the respective institutions. An optimal group size would be up to 20 participants.
Based on the profile of the participants and considering your needs we will make a proposal for the e-course, including a financial calculation and the time and duration of the course.
Complete the course and start implementing you new know-how!
Course structure
  • Introductory webinar (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • Independently working through the presentations in the e-course portal
  • Live presentations (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • Discussion webinar with experts (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • Conclusions and next steps in a pre-agreed format (webinar or a written memo

Based on the context, e-courses can also be designed as a preparatory phase for an international best practice study visit to provide an advanced level programme.