Open Government in Moldova

E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
06/2014 - 07/ 2015
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The project “The implementation of principles of Open Government in engaging citizens in decision-making processes in Moldova” supported and trained the Moldovan Government and civil society to create more open and transparent policy-making and decision-making processes and supported the engagement of civic organizations and individual citizens.

The main final outcomes of the project were two guidelines: the ABC Guide on Citizen Engagement and a detailed online Guide on Citizen Engagement. The guidelines offer concrete help to state officials and civic organizations, providing them with knowledge on how to implement the principles of open government in their everyday work processes.

Based on studies, analyses of existing local practices, and Estonian experience and expertise, the project delivered two practical manuals on open government and citizen-engagement: the ABC Guide on Citizen Engagement and detailed online-Guide on Citizen Engagement.

The ABC Guide on Citizen Engagement is directed to the general public with an aim to increase the general awareness of open governance and transparent decision-making processes.

The online Guide on Citizen Engagement offers concrete help to state officials, providing them with knowledge on how to implement the principles of open government in everyday work processes and gives practical tips for the implementation of already existing legislative acts (laws on access to information, law on transparency in the decision-making processes, etc.).

To prepare the guidelines, e-Governance Academy organized a study and planning tour for open governance experts from Moldova and designed and implemented a study in Moldova to map the situation related to open governance. The study revealed the need to increase the general awareness of state officials about the main principles of open governance and engagement.

Based on the results of the study, general knowledge and Estonian experiences, e-Governance Academy organized two training seminars for more than 90 public servants and civil society representatives in the Moldovan capital Chişinău on 7 & 8 April 2015 to support the development of local competences. Besides introducing general principles of open governance, the participants gained practical skills for engagement via playing different interactive role games on engagement, etc.

To guarantee the sharing of the recommendations published in both guidelines, e-Governance Academy advised the main local partner – Open Government Institute -, who is organizing several follow-up activities for ministries and other state institutions in Moldova (round-tables, training curricula, etc.).