TAIEX Work from Home on e-Goverment and Cyber Security

Multiple countries
Cyber Security | E-democracy | Smart Governance | Technology
Multiple countries
Cyber Security | E-democracy | Smart Governance | Technology
04/2020 - 06/2020
24 500 €
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In the context of the current Coronavirus crisis, TAIEX has set up a Multi-Country Work from Home event. The event is focusing on following sectors: Telecom/broadband, e-Governance, Cyber sSecurity, e-Education and e-Health. eGA will be responsible for the e-Governance and Cyber Security topics.


The overall aim of the event is to gain an understanding of the problems in the above sectors faced by all our beneficiary and partner countries in ENPI EAST, ENPI SOUTH and IPA during the Coronavirus crisis (notably technical shortfalls in the existing platforms) and measures taken to mitigate these problems.


The results of this exercise will provide a snapshot of the immediate needs to assist them to be better prepared in case the same or a similar situation arises again. The exercise will also feed into the ongoing and upcoming assistance programs.


The questionnaire and the subsequent analysis of the responses received should provide a clear and comprehensive picture per participating state

  • of the problems faced during the current crisis in a particular sector,
  • of the measures taken by the participating state to mitigate the problems in that particular sector.
  • basic overview of the situation in a given sector pre-crisis,
  • assessment of remaining problems in the sector and suggestions for possible immediate TAIEX interventions.

Experts are further expected to draft a comprehensive report comparing the above matters by region and identifying, where possible, lessons learned and best practices in the process of crisis management.