Digital Government Podcast

E-democracy | Governance and Engagement | Technology
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement | Technology
2020 - ...
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We started a podcast to share visions, stories and lessons learnt of how digital technology could benefit every society.

The Digital Government podcast will host e-governance experts from e-Governance Academy, Estonian public and private sector and from countries with whom our academy has collaborated more than 18 years.

According to Anu Vahtra-Hellat, Communication Manager of e-Governance Academy the podcast is focused on people who are interested in how the daily interaction with government or municipality could look like in the digital era.

In our podcast, you will meet with a range of experts who have extensive experience in digital transformation. They will share their insights and real experience gained from building digital society in Estonia or assisting governments globally in more than 130 countries with their digital transformation challenges. You will hear true stories, not theory. We do hope to inspire our followers to boost digital development in their countries as well!

Podcast will be available in English on Spotify and soon on multiple other podcast apps. New episodes were launched every Wednesday in August 2020- June 2022 and will be launched every second Wednesday starting from September 2022 .

In the intro episode Hannes Astok and Linnar Viik take you through the last four decades that shaped e-governance around the world, reminiscing about the early years and taking a peek to the future.