Empowering European Mobile Youth: Case Studies from Austria and Estonia

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Austria | Estonia
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Kristina Reinsalu, PhD Jelizaveta Krenjova-Cepilova, PhD

The article article “Empowering European Mobile Youth: Case Studies from Austria and Estonia” by Christine Leitner, Mohammad Allagha, Jelizaveta Krenjova, Kristina Reinsalu, and Christian Stiefmuller was published in the publication “Advances in the Human Side of Service Engineering. Proceedings of the AHFE 2020 Virtual Conference on The Human Side of Service Engineering, July 16–20, 2020, USA“.

The article is based on preliminary findings of case studies conducted in Estonia and Austria within the project Empowerment of Mobile Youth in the EU (EMY).

In the case studies, we 1) explored how young EU citizens experience EU citizenship rights in their host country and 2) identified requirement for a practical web-based tool to facilitate their engagement in the political life in their host country.

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Empowerment of European Mobile Youth (EMY) is a multi-national project co-funded by the EU Commission.