National Cyber Security in Practice

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Estonia | Finland
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There are several international standards and guidelines for developing the cyber security of a single organisation, but it is difficult to find comprehensive tools for national governments. This handbook – National Cyber Security in Practice – is designed to fill that gap. The articles, written by seasoned experts, will give the reader an overview of the key elements that underpin the cyber security architecture of any country.

This handbook is aimed at policymakers, legislative experts and anyone responsible for ensuring the functioning and protection of digital services and services essential for the functioning of society.

Cyber security has been a very important area for Estonia as a digital state, both domestically and in international cooperation. Estonia is contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through digitalisation and technological advancement, and supports the global development of resilient cyber defense capabilities.

In the following pages, Estonian and Finnish cyber security experts share their knowledge and practical experience on how to better harness globally accumulated NCSI expertise to enhance national cyber security.

The e-Governance Academy wishes to thank Toomas Vaks, Epp Maaten, Oskar Gross, Elsa Neeme, Lauri Luht and Kimmo Rousku for their contribution to the preparation of this handbook.

The handbook “National Cyber Security on Practice” is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

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