Cyber risk management and capacity building

Digital transformation, robust cybersecurity measures and effective risk management play a pivotal role in safeguarding critical information infrastructure and vital services against cyber threats.

Bolstering cyber resilience through risk management and preparedness enhances a country’s ability to combat cyberattacks and mitigate risks associated with digitalisation. In response to escalating risks, the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive offers a framework to ensure a consistently high level of cybersecurity across Europe.

eGA’s seasoned experts and practitioners offer tailored solutions aligned with client objectives. Our emphasis lies in flexible frameworks that adeptly address emerging challenges and technological advancements. Partner with us to establish versatile structures enabling swift responses to evolving technology and challenges.

What we provide

eGA’s support for cyber risk management, crisis preparedness and the enhancement of cybersecurity capacities includes the following:

  • Establishing a national organisational framework, including roles and responsibilities for cybersecurity crisis management
  • Assisting in risk assessment and developing risk management procedures and plans
  • Fostering domestic collaboration and partnerships with international organisations and other nations
  • Strengthening operational units such as CERT/CSIRT, cyber police departments and SOC teams through capacity building
  • Enhancing protection for critical information infrastructure among essential service providers, encompassing risk and crisis management
  • Implementing cybersecurity requirements and best practices
  • Capacity building to foster a comprehensive understanding of national-level cybersecurity organisation, raising awareness of cyber safety and promoting international cooperation