Digitalising registers and managing data quality

Public digital registers are crucial enablers of digital transformation, providing high-quality digital data. They serve as easily accessible and reliable sources of information, facilitating seamless data exchange and reuse. This empowers the public sector to make effective decisions, improve governance, and deliver advanced citizen-centric public services that increase transparency, accuracy and government trust.

eGA’s experienced team offers proven methodologies and expertise in digitising registers and optimising data quality, driving successful outcomes and ensuring long-term sustainability in digital transformation and data management. Partner with us to leverage our knowledge for effective register digitalisation and data quality management to accelerate your country’s digital transformation.

What we provide

eGA’s support for register digitalisation and data quality management includes the following:

  • Situational analysis to identify datasets, inefficiencies, gaps (missing or duplicated data) and data quality issues
  • Digitisation planning
  • Data cleansing and entity-based standardisation
  • Integrating digital registers with existing systems and platforms
  • Implementing data security and privacy principles
  • Capacity building through training
  • Monitoring and maintenance