Podcast 🎧: The ethical challenges of fully automated public services

01.12.2021 | ega


Based on what trends we have witnessed in advanced digital societies –  the next level of public services will be fully automated services that are based on AI and Machine Learning. In this episode, a distinguished legal expert on digital governance topics Katrin Nyman-Metcalf covers another side of the coin – essential and ethical dilemmas behind that process/development. She says that the key decisions on how, when and whether to automate are not technical, legal, nor practical – they are essentially strategic, political decisions about what kind of society we want.

But what kind of society do we want? That raises a lot of questions. For example, what is the role of public officials while machines are putting together facts and providing public services? What is the role of the state and the state administration? And how will society and citizens react? Will the norms change in society? Are we obliged to love robots? Is the challenge of transforming into a fully automated society a generational issue?

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The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera.

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