Podcast 🎧: The next big turn in digital transformation:AI

24.11.2021 | ega


The number of mobile users is already exceeding 7 billion worldwide, and 3 billion of them are using smartphones. The rising mobile penetration has pushed governments to develop services that could be used via mobile phone. On the other hand, more and more governments are exploring how to benefit from AI by providing public services. In this episode, we will explore with Margus Simson, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Komerční Banka, how these two developments change online service provision and should they be reflected in government digital strategies.

According to Margus, from 2025 and beyond, the new standard in digital service should be the significant inclusion of AI/ML. “It will beef up the intelligence efforts, and take companies and customers to personalization levels and business opportunities that have never been seen before. Mobiles are definitely crucial for customer service and digitalization, but honestly, it is already 10 years too late. Instead of mobile, simplicity should be the core strategic direction of transformation stories.”

In the discussion, he reflects on developments that are taking place already in the private sector, and based on that, he predicts the future of developments for the public sector.

More precisely, Margus will cast light on

  • what horizons in service provision have AI and ML opened?
  • what could we expect as customers?
  • what changes should governments make in their digital transformation strategies to keep up with the technological developments?

The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera.

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