Podcast 🎧: AI to empower data-driven decision making in the public sector

26.01.2022 | ega

AI is one of the technologies that influences the public sector service provision and also our expectations towards it. In today’s episode, we invite you to explore how are governments approaching the use of artificial intelligence in public service provision. Consider Estonia, as a case study – and let Ott Velsberg, Chief Data Officer of the Estonian Government, be our guide.

The country’s AI plans are rooted in words and deeds that started already in 2019. The AI strategy aims to make the government more proactive, seamless, automated. The end goal is zero bureaucracy, and AI plays a key part in moving meaningfully in that direction. So far, 80 case studies have been completed, with an additional 30 ongoing, and will soon be channelled through Bürokratt.

What tasks has the Estonian public sector entrusted to AI already? And what is the Bürokratt – the new tool of making bureaucracy more efficient and citizen-friendly? Interested in exploring the topic more closely?

Tune in!


The episode is hosted by Federico Plantera.

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