Podcast 🎧: Which trends should governments follow in their digital transformation plans

19.01.2022 | ega


Today we invite you to follow the government CIO’s special edition! Two former leaders of digital transformation, Siim Sikkut from Estonia and Randall Brugeaud from Australia, cast light on the trends that governments should follow in their digital transformation plans to benefit from pandemic lessons learned.

In the episode, our guests share their views on how to keep an innovation-driven mindset inside of the government, how to engage society and keep citizen-centricity in mind while developing new services.

‘COVID proved things can be done very quickly, Estonia also had overnight solutions developed to react to the pandemic. But fatigue is now kicking in a bit, so it is on us as gov CIOs & digital transformation authorities to make sure that new normality will stick, ‘ said Siim Sikkut.

Tune in and get some inspiration to continue the digital transformation in your country or organisation! The discussion was moderated by Linnar Viik and live at the e-Governance Conference 2021.


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